OUR DAILY MANNA 29TH APRIL 2020 [WEDNESDAY] – The Force of Determination!

Our Daily Manna

Our Daily Manna (ODM) Topic For Today: THE FORCE OF DETERMINATION!


BASIC SCRIPTURE: 2 Timothy 4:7-8; 2 Corinthians 4:7-10.(NIV)

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A man with muscular dystrophy, an inherited disease in which there is a progressive degeneration of muscles of the skeleton, completed a marathon race in 16 hours, 46 minutes (Approximately 17 hours). At the time he was born with this disease, doctors gave him only 7 days to live.

Not only did he live beyond 7 days, he lived to become a man. Oh! Those who have limited you, Written you off, given up on you and are waiting to hear your end-story, shall be disappointed by your God in Jesus name. Instead of being restricted to a wheel chair, he lived to enrol for a marathon race.

He ran the race and got to the finish line. Many able-bodied men who enrolled for the marathon didn’t even show up at all due to fear; others ran the race but quit midway. But this man, in spite of his medical condition, proved many wrong by completing the race.

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Though he was the last to finish, anyhow and somehow, he completed the marathon to the astonishment of those who thought he could not even run at all. Now read what this woman from Ghana wrote, “I got pregnant at 15 while in secondary school, 8 months after having the baby, I went back to complete my secondary education.

Today, I have a Masters degree from the United Kingdom and my son whom I had at 15, has just graduated from university with a Law degree.

The shame and isolation I had from my native Ghana at the time was beyond my ability. I lost some of my childhood friends because I had a baby at 15 but I told myself that I would never allow that to kill my determination in motion! Every MOUNTAIN becomes a PLAIN when you are determined.

A notable sportsman tattooed his body and wrote, “Pain is temporary, victory is sure. Determination is the tonic that keeps achievers/champions going; it is a key element in enduring temporary setbacks and the achievement of ultimate success. No matter how life and indeed the year has been, be determined to make a difference!

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The late but great Maya Angelou wrote: “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Oh!


Life may not be fair to you, but learn from this marathoner and this Ghanaian lady. Be determined, say to yourself: “I shall not quit! I shall start again and before my last breath, I shall be celebrated. I shall say like Apostle Paul in today’s 1st scripture Vs 7: “I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT” What have you fought this year and how are you fighting?

Life is like a marathon race, you must push yourself to the finishing line by fighting self-pity, depression, fear of the future and anxiety daily.

The words of Og Mandino are worthy of note: “Failure will never overtake you if your determination to
succeed is strong enough.” Hold on and hold out!


Take Song 1: When the roll is called… (For ODM Daily Hymns, Click here)

  1. Pray about today’s word generally as led now.

  2.  I shall make it in this life against all odds in Jesus name.

  3.  Lord, I am a hero! Let Your grace bring forth the hero in me!

  4.  Abba Father! Let all those who have laughed at me see YOUR ELEVATION GLORY in my life before this year is over in Jesus name! PRAYERS TO BEGIN EACH MONTH OF 2020!

  5.  O God, I uproot the force of depression, anxiety, self-pity, fear of the future, etc, now in Jesus name.

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Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe is a Christian minister, trained pharmacist and author. He is the founder and senior pastor of Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry Worldwide, headquartered in Lagos. He is also the author of Our Daily Manna.

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